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G & G Electric Supply Company

G&G is a family owned business founded in 1914. We are now in our 4th generation as we approach our 100th anniversary.

The business was founded by Gabriel Soffer and his father-in-law George in 1914, from which the name G&G is derived. Gabriel's elder brother Jacob owned a liquor store in Stanislow, Ukraine and sent his brother to New York to start a new life, a new business in a new industry. Jacob came to New York six years later and joined the business.

The business thrived during the mass electrification of the city during the 1st quarter of the 20th century. With wisdom and luck they managed to escape the tragic '29 Crash and well survived the depressive 1930s. G&G supplied the construction of the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, as well as many of the WPA projects of the era.

In 1947, dispirited from the loss of his son Bernie in WWII, Gabe retired, selling his half of the business to the Barnett family (Harry & Irwin). As the Barnett's entered the business, Jake brought in his son-in-law Erwin Heimrath, an Austrian refugee.

In 1985, Erwin and his son Larry bought out the aging Barnett family. Larry was an engineer by profession, specializing in software development for larger corporations. With his technical expertise and financial wherewithal G&G began a slow and steady transformation into an industry powerhouse. Indeed the business tripled revenues in the next 10 years. In 1994, several years after Erwin's death, Larry bought the old Dykes Lumber Yard on West 24th Street. The added space permitted another tripling of revenues.

In 1993 Larry, also known as "Uncle Lah", spotted talent in his nephew Joe Fusco. Bringing Joe onboard anchored G&G into it's fourth generation. Joe's superb technical and personal skills greatly enhanced G&G's products and services, securing G&G's position as the major electrical distributor in Manhattan. Joe became president of G&G in 2004 ready and able to see us through our upcoming 100th year anniversary.

G&G Electric Company, Inc.
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